Thursday, December 22, 2011

exit / entrance? (364/365)

I always keep this by my front door as a reminder to myself.

Now that this project is coming to a close... I am looking for a new one for the next year. Any ideas or suggestions? 


  1. I love that! What is something you really want to accomplish or learn? I've really enjoyed this journey with you!

  2. This is great!

    Midway through my project I almost started another to run in conjunction, and because life has been as busy as it has, I'm glad I didn't undertake it. The idea was to seek out good news and share it, possibly tied in with an image of my own making. Also kicked around mandalas, but I saw that someone started one of those projects recently.

    Whatever you do, Beth, I'm sure it will be a memorable journey!

  3. <3 This has been an amazing journey with you!

  4. I like it...positive sentiment. :)