Saturday, June 4, 2011

new words? (166/365)

new words and phrases added to

Oxford Dictionaries Online:

awareness bracelet

a colored bracelet worn to raise awareness of a particular cause

baby bump

the protrusion of a pregnant woman's belly, especially when it is first noticeable


a member of the banking industry seen as profiteering or dishonest:nothing ever seems to happen to any of the banksters who caused all the problems in the first place


informal a person's best friend


(typically in police use, referring to a suspected criminal or missing person) be on (the) lookout

breadcrumb trail

(on a website) a series of hyperlinks displayed at the top of a web page, indicating the page's position in the overall structure of the site

bucket list

a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime:making this trip is the first thing on my bucket list

casino banking

the practice whereby a commercial bank engages in unduly speculative or risky financial activities with the aim of achieving high profits

coconut water

the watery liquid found inside a coconut, consumed as a beverage

confirmation bias

the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one's existing beliefs or theories

Cyber Monday

(in the US) the Monday following Thanksgiving, promoted by online retailers as a day for exceptional bargains


concern with environmental issues, viewed as a fashion or fad:eco-chic is all the rage!


a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data: a good infographic is worth a thousand words


proceeding from or reflecting an insider's knowledge or perspective:an insidery website that is widely read in the capital's political precinctsinsidery jargon


a laptop:I'm going to transfer my CD collection to the lappy


a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one's time and daily activities in a more efficient way

man cave

a room or other part of a home regarded as a refuge for the man or men of a household:a man cave equipped with a pool table and pinball machine

man flu

a cold or similar minor ailment as experienced by a man who is regarded as exaggerating the severity of the symptoms


a beauty treatment comprising both a manicure and a pedicure


a short, high-pitched sound, especially as emitted by an animal or a vehicle's horn:the kitten released a terrified meep


(of a person) naked:some of the oldest photos in existence are of nekkid women

network neutrality

the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites


short for newbieit's easy enough for total newbs to pick up and play


not safe (or suitable) for work (used in electronic communication to indicate that a particular web page or website contains explicit sexual material or other adult content):if your friend just sent you something with NSFW in the subject line, don't go there


reveal an inppropriate amount of detail about one's personal life:her taste for oversharing was part of a grassroots publicity campaign that cost her and her label nothing


relating to or involving the storage or communication of information in electronic form, rather than on paper:several of the utilities companies have switched to paperless billing


an act of searching a person for concealed items such as weapons or illegal drugs, made by passing the hands over their clothing


a permanent static hyperlink to a particular web page or entry in a blog


an anabolic steroid:those guys are all on ' roids

savior sibling

a child conceived through selective in vitro fertilization as a potential source of donor organs or cells for an existing brother or sister with a life-threatening medical condition


smart or stylish:the new white, blue, and orange colour schemes are very schmick

social graph

a representation of the interconnection of relationships in an online social network


postings made on the social networking site Twitter, considered collectively: the Twittersphere was abuzz when the story first broke


stop tracking (a person, group, or organization) on a social networking site:never unfollow someone just because they unfollowed you!


(used especially on electronic message boards as a sarcastic comment on an inexperienced or overenthusiastic poster) oh my God!:ZOMG! ! I finally managed to reformat the filethe airport was hot and big, but there was really nothing that made me stop and think ZOMG FOREIGN COUNTRY!

Friday, June 3, 2011

biohazard. (165/365)

...found at the doctor's office...


  • S: (n) biohazard (hazard to humans or the environment resulting from biological agents or conditions)
  • S: (n) biological agent, biohazard (any bacterium or virus or toxin that could be used in biological warfare)
Definition of "biohazard" from Princeton's WordNet

Thursday, June 2, 2011

tag. (164/365)

...taken on way to work today. Is it "GRIMZ"? "GRIME"?


  • S: (n) tag, ticket (a label written or printed on paper, cardboard, or plastic that is attached to something to indicate its owner, nature, price, etc.)
  • S: (n) tag (a label associated with something for the purpose of identification) "semantic tags were attached in order to identify different meanings of the word"
  • S: (n) rag, shred, tag, tag end, tatter (a small piece of cloth or paper)
  • S: (n) tag (a game in which one child chases the others; the one who is caught becomes the next chaser)
  • S: (n) tag ((sports) the act of touching a player in a game (which changes their status in the game))


Definition of "tag" from Princeton's WordNet

Monday, May 30, 2011

touch. (161/365)

...found at the Poe Museum, RVA.


  • S: (n) touch, touching (the event of something coming in contact with the body) "he longed for the touch of her hand"; "the cooling touch of the night air"
  • S: (n) touch, sense of touch, skin senses, touch modality, cutaneous senses (the faculty by which external objects or forces are perceived through contact with the body (especially the hands)) "only sight and touch enable us to locate objects in the space around us"
  • S: (n) touch, trace, ghost (a suggestion of some quality) "there was a touch of sarcasm in his tone"; "he detected a ghost of a smile on her face"
  • S: (n) touch, signature (a distinguishing style) "this room needs a woman's touch"
  • S: (n) touch, touching (the act of putting two things together with no space between them) "at his touch the room filled with lights"
  • S: (n) touch, hint, tinge, mite, pinch, jot, speck, soupcon (a slight but appreciable amount) "this dish could use a touch of garlic"
  • S: (n) contact, touch (a communicative interaction) "the pilot made contact with the base"; "he got in touch with his colleagues"
  • S: (n) touch, spot (a slight attack of illness) "he has a touch of rheumatism"
  • S: (n) touch (the act of soliciting money (as a gift or loan)) "he watched the beggar trying to make a touch"
  • S: (n) touch, touch sensation, tactual sensation, tactile sensation, feeling (the sensation produced by pressure receptors in the skin) "she likes the touch of silk on her skin"; "the surface had a greasy feeling"
  • S: (n) touch (deftness in handling matters) "he has a master's touch"
  • S: (n) touch (the feel of mechanical action) "this piano has a wonderful touch"


  • S: (v) touch (make physical contact with, come in contact with) "Touch the stone for good luck"; "She never touched her husband"
  • S: (v) touch (perceive via the tactile sense) "Helen Keller felt the physical world by touching people and objects around her"
  • S: (v) touch, stir (affect emotionally) "A stirring movie"; "I was touched by your kind letter of sympathy"
  • S: (v) refer, pertain, relate, concern, come to, bear on, touch, touch on, have to do with (be relevant to) "There were lots of questions referring to her talk"; "My remark pertained to your earlier comments"
  • S: (v) touch, adjoin, meet, contact (be in direct physical contact with; make contact) "The two buildings touch"; "Their hands touched"; "The wire must not contact the metal cover"; "The surfaces contact at this point"
  • S: (v) affect, impact, bear upon, bear on, touch on, touch (have an effect upon) "Will the new rules affect me?"
  • S: (v) touch (deal with; usually used with a form of negation) "I wouldn't touch her with a ten-foot pole"; "The local Mafia won't touch gambling"
  • S: (v) touch (cause to be in brief contact with) "He touched his toes to the horse's flanks"
  • S: (v) reach, extend to, touch (to extend as far as) "The sunlight reached the wall"; "Can he reach?"; "The chair must not touch the wall"
  • S: (v) equal, touch, rival, match (be equal to in quality or ability) "Nothing can rival cotton for durability"; "Your performance doesn't even touch that of your colleagues"; "Her persistence and ambition only matches that of her parents"
  • S: (v) touch, disturb (tamper with) "Don't touch my CDs!"
  • S: (v) allude, touch, advert (make a more or less disguised reference to) "He alluded to the problem but did not mention it"
  • S: (v) touch (comprehend) "He could not touch the meaning of the poem"
  • S: (v) partake, touch (consume) "She didn't touch her food all night"
  • S: (v) tint, tinct, tinge, touch (color lightly) "her greying hair was tinged blond"; "the leaves were tinged red in November"

Definition of "touch" from Princeton's WordNet

Sunday, May 29, 2011

hello. (160/365)

...sticker found on back of stop sign.


Definition of "hello" from Princeton's WordNet